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Pastor Olawunmi Brigue

Creative Director | Life Coach | Teacher

Olawunmi Brigue is the CEO and Creative Director at Luminous Global, a personal development training and transformation coaching company empowering professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve extraordinary results in life without sacrificing their wellbeing, relationships or authenticity. As a Transformational Life Coach, Olawunmi is training thousands of people through multiple platforms to disengage from limiting and faulty belief systems, so they can think differently, believe differently, and live differently.

As a bible teacher, Olawunmi brings a fresh yet insightful view into the word of God. By simplifying complex spiritual truths and principles, she teaches in a relatable and practical way that delicately unravels wrong mindsets and equips people to confidently map a clear path towards living an exceptionally successful and hustle-free life! Olawunmi is married to Dr Uvie Brigue, Consultant Anaesthetist, and Pastor of The Covenant Nation London, where she also pastors, and they are blessed with three children.