Be! 2019

BE! Women's
Conference 2019

BE! 2019 was the first of the BE! Series and it was indeed a transformational time in God’s presence.


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Pastor Sarah Omakwu

Pastor Sarah Omakwuy

Senior Pastor Family Worship Centre, Abuja

Pastor Sarah Omakwu

Mrs Ibukun Awosika

Mrs Ibukun Awosika

Chairman, First Bank of Nigeria Limited | Founder/CEO, The Chair Centre Group

Mrs Ibukun Awosika

Mrs Sola Salako-Ajulo

Mrs Sola Salako-Ajulo

Communications, Marketing and Media Professional

Mrs Sola Salako-Ajulo

Highlight of Sessions

Pastor Sarah Omakwu
  • The greatest gift you can receive is to answer the call of God over your life
  • God is more interested in your character than your prosperity
  • Faith is what you do when you are afraid.
  • The place of expressing your gift is your happiest place.
Mrs Ibukun Awosika
  • You are not just meant to marry, you are meant to follow God to find the man that has been assigned to you to help you, to fulfil the call of God on your life.
  • The core assignment of God as a woman is YOU.
  • It is not about the physical man, it is about the content, character, fear of God in that man
  • Let your support base be critical to where you are going
  • You won’t always understand that which God as called you to, but you must have the courage to follow God
  • It is better to take the action and fail than to not take it at all
  • You don’t have everything you need now because you don’t need it yet
  • The ministry of you is the most important ministry of a woman
Mrs. Sola Salako
  • God has already planned your life, your duty is to discover your life
  • Your timeline is not God’s timeline
  • There is a unique plan for every life
  • Self-confidence is a magnet; you need to accept yourself
  • Learn to support others
  • Jesus is your first husband
  • Discover life, it is an adventure, don’t plan it.

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