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Apostle Isi Igenegba

Pastor | Trainer | Certified Coach

Apostle Isi Igenegba is a Minister of the Gospel and a human capacity developer involved in mentoring and social empowerment. She is an expert in cultivating effective leadership, personal effectiveness and relationship management using faith-based, business and social principles as vehicles for effecting positive change. Isi is also a social entrepreneur with a passion to draw upon business values in proffering solutions to social and cultural problems. Isi is a Speaker, Teacher, Trainer and certified Coach under the John C. Maxwell Leadership Certification Program, and licensed as a team member to equip in areas of Leadership, Growth, Influence, Communication, Vision execution and Success. Isi Igenegba was the Resident Pastor and Chief Administrator of This Present House (2013-2015), a church which is the leading part of a network of ministries and non-profits known as The House of Freedom, of which she was a board member under the unique leadership of Dr Tony Rapu. She is credited with the growth of various innovation-based organisations across West Africa, as she served as the Resident Pastor of Topfaith Ministries in Ghana and the Chief Administrator of Health Strategy Delivery Foundation (2016-2017); a non-profit organisation under the Gates Foundation geared towards promoting quality health schemes in Nigeria. PI, as fondly called, is the convener of Mantle of Deborah, a conference that seeks to empower women across the African continent, drawing thousands of women both in religious and marketplace settings from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. People of Influence Network (POI) Pastor Isi Igenegba is the Lead of People of Influence (PoI), a ministry set up as a network of believers globally, saddled with the charge of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth in various institutions, by raising spirit-filled, kingdom-driven generation. PoI’s mandate is executed through various expressions which include the Men’s Prayer House, Bible Academy, Prison Welfare Unit, Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Team, International Mission’s Office and After-School Youth and Children’s Bible Club. In addition to these, throughout the year, PoI runs conferences, seminars and meetings geared towards all-round spiritual development.

Isi Benedicta Institute Isi Igenegba is the Founder and Lead Trainer at Isi Benedicta Institute, a coaching, consulting and training organisation with a call to ‘retrain minds and rebuild kings’, where she equips people all over the world through seminars and courses tailored to bring solution to different aspects of life. Isi is a dynamic Minister, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author. Some of her renowned publications include her books: Awaken to Your Purpose and Live, and her bestselling course, Awaken to Your Purpose. Sprouts Natural Foods and Lifestyle Products & Strom Global Services Isi Igenegba is the CEO of Sprouts Natural Foods and Lifestyle Products, a food manufacturing company with operations in Lagos and Canada, that seeks to promote healthy living through food, inspired lifestyle changes and social drives. Isi Igenegba is a Co-Founder and Director at Strom Global services, an indigenous oil and gas company operating in Sub-Saharan Africa. Isi Igenegba is the recipient of various awards, including the Nigerian Public Service Award for Excellence in Administration, Excellence in Creativity and Pioneering Leadership and a nominee for the Young African Leaders Award. Isi is a dynamic minister, speaker, entrepreneur and author. She has a unique ability to engage people of all demographics with an undeniable passion for transforming lives one at a time for Jesus.